Monday, November 22, 2010

show me Thursdays...well that's a lot to show!

My main work space...working on my little 3 by 3 note cards and a little box. It will be on my blog FINISHED...this week as one of my 12 days of Christmas. Notice my new favorite snack...World Table Pizzeria Snack mix! Yummo!

Next thing I started this week was advent calenders for the grandkids. Learned a little something along the way...Learned I don't want to make any more! They turned out cute...and will be posted later today.
The Sassy Cheryl image I am going to color...soon!

Hey all...Over at Sassy Cheryl's they do this fun little thing where you show them what is on your desk that you are working on. Boy O Boy...that is a challenge.

What desk are you talking about? First I need to find the bottom of one so I can take a picture. I worked all last week on some projects that I want to use to start my 12 days of Christmas Blog posts. You will see the first one today...but first I am going to show you what was on my desk last Thursday...I really did take the pics on Thursday...just now getting around to posting.

Thanks for looking and come see the finished products!

Hugs to all...



  1. That's funny. . . .'which desk are you talking about.' Can't wait to see what you do with the Cappucciono Anyone Snowman! And that advent in the other post is AMAZING! Thanks for playing along.

  2. what fun taking a peek at you little creative space...
    glad you played along.

  3. I am glad I found this post. It gave me a good picture of the Advent Calendar before you decorated it. Lots of fun going on in your craft room this week. You are certainly busy. (Surprise, Surprise)