Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Note cards

Well...Happy August! Where has the summer gone? It seems all I have done this summer is run...run...run! I also have been busy playing "Betty's Bed and Breakfast". That I love! We have had so much fun with all of our company this summer and we are so blessed that friends and family like to come to see us. Not sure if it is us or the beach...but we are glad to have them anyway!
When I caught my daughter buying note cards at Target a while back I asked her what she was doing...she informed me that no one ever made her any cute hand made cards! Sorry Em! So this past week before I left for Indiana I put together a little collection for her and I am sending them out today. NO MORE STORE BOUGHT NOTE CARDS! Of course she could make some herself...but she doesn't live close enough anymore to borrow from my stash! She loved the Sassy Cheryl image so I made her 6 of those in different colors. The rest were just some cute stamps I thought she would like.
Enjoy and have a great Tuesday!


  1. What gorgeous note cards Betty! Love them ALL!

  2. Betty, they are all so sweet. What a lucky girl to have you make her such special note cards. Hope she sends them to deserving people. Lol You have been a busy girl!! ~jeni :)

  3. You better get busy Betty. I bet Emily will be buying store-bought Christmas cards too! Ho Ho Ho!