Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where have I been???

Well...lets seems I have been gone forever. Really only 11 days. That is a lot for a home body like me. I love to go...but it is the getting there that about does me in. After living with a traveler like Greg all these would think I would be better at it, but not so.

I did have a great time and the wedding in Indiana was a beautiful fall wedding with time spent with wonderful friends and family. The trip to Cali was fun too...not as nice of weather, but had a great time. Then it was back to Indiana to watch Emily and Andy run in the Fort Ben Marathon. Em ran the half and Andy did the whole! They were great and it was another beautiful fall day to enjoy the race. I am home now for a few days before we take off to Charleston for a stay at Two Meeting Street. I promise I will stay home then and craft!

I will be posting some Halloween cards later today. I did them last night...

Come back soon...I promise I won't be gone so long next time!

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