Thursday, July 15, 2010

chip board books....

Where have you been???? That is what everyone has been asking me. I really haven't fallen off the earth...but as always it has been a very busy summer.

The past two days I have been hole up in my scrap room trying to make a little something for all my girlfriends that came down for our girls weekend.

After looking every where for chipboard books...that were not going to take forever to do...I ended up at Kinko's. They were great. My friendly Kinko man...not only had a light weight chipboard, but he cut them for me for a very reasonable price. I love that!

I had him cut the pieces at 6by6, 6by7, 6by8, and 6by9. Found some great papers from Memory Makers...called Grandma's kitchen. Perfect colors for beach pictures.

I kept the books simple as I had to do 8 of them. I don't like to make 8 of anything! That being said...they went together very quickly and I thought they turned out cute. On the back of the book I made a pocket to put a cd of all the pictures I took during their stay.

I am still working on I will post pictures of that one later. I am stamping a little more on mine.

Please enjoy and leave me a note if you have any hearing from you.


  1. lucky friends! I hope B. brings her album to school for show-and-tell!

  2. Hey Betty!! I too have been wondering where you have been and what you have been up to. You have been missed. I love these little memory albums. They turned out super cute. I hope you will have yours completed in time for hostess club. As always you did a wonderful job. Take care and thanks for sharing.