Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's show me #40!

Have to admit I had to clean before I snapped a picture.  It has been a crazy week and I was knee deep in papers and ribbons.  As I said in a previous post the walls were starting to close in on me in my scrap room and it was time for some serious purging.  I was afraid that the TV Show about Hoarding was going to show up and start filming.  Yes, it was that bad!
I started a couple of weeks ago going though paper, ribbons, stickers, and anything I was not using or planning on using and getting rid of it.  I am going to have a massive scrap book room sale and whatever I don't get rid of is getting donated to a preschool back home.  I am sure those kids can do something wonderful with all those goodies!
Stop over at Sassy Cheryl's and take a look at all the new images she has created.  They are amazing as always! Stop back and see me soon...I have missed you all!


  1. You always have so much goin' on Betty. Lol
    I think I spy some new Stampin' Up stamps!! ~jeni :)

  2. yes you do Jeni...really cute stuff!

  3. Oh, don't clean. That takes all the fun out of it.!!! :) I think you're turly safe with the "Hoarders" show not coming. But it's good that you were thinking.
    That was good thinking on donating your 'scraps'! I'm sure they'll put the m to good use!
    Thanks for showing your space this week.

  4. Well I have to say you have it looking pretty darn clean. I really prefer to look at messes, so I don't feel so bad. Great idea on giving to the Pre-school.

  5. Great took me forever to clean out my scrapbook room in SC.....and now I don't even remember or miss the stuff I got rid of...If you don't know what you have you don't need it.....I am going to try to keep it that way!! We will see.... Love your Halloween cards...