Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello Baby...

Because of my very smart friend Teri...I am now looking at the Stampin Up Stampin wheels a lot different. She told me how you can take them off the wheel and put stamp backing on them and use them as a regular stamp. She is soooo smart. I loved the idea and as of now...I have no more stamps on those pesky wheels. I have loved this onesy stamp every since it first came out...but I knew I would never be happy with how it would stamp on that wheel. Well...I sure do love them now.

I colored them with my Copics and put a couple of cute baby cards together.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you Teri for the very clever idea. Hugs to you!



  1. Betty,
    Those cards are so cute! I love them...
    Hope all is well with your crew. Take care!

  2. That Teri...she is so clever!! (and fabulously talented) You will have to show me how. These baby cards are darling!! ~jeni :)

  3. Leave it to Terri. She can never leave things as they are. She always finds a way of perfecting. These turned out fabulous.

  4. those cards are adorable. I could never stamp straight with that wheel...but this I could do. So cute!